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Pacific Sawmill Engineering Ltd (PSEL) specializes in Design, Manufacture Installation and Service of sawmills and associated equipment.


The company handles all combinations of processing equipment from individual pieces to entire lines from log handling, debarking, through log breakdown, secondary breakdown, sorting, grading, planning, stacking & packaging, including waste and chip handling.


Pacific Sawmill Engineering will work with a client to select the best equipment and solution for their site, whether it be new or used,  manufactured to suit site specific requirements,  sourced from suitable equipment in North America, Europe or Australasia, or from supplier of your choice.


PSEL provides ongoing maintenance, diagnostic, and wood flow analysis to ensure optimal mill performance. The company will respond promptly to your specific on site needs or break down. PSEL will complete mill surveys to identify and plan maintenance requirements, and provides some clients with total and comprehensive site maintenance management and service.


The company has an extensive workshop with full design, machining, fitting, fabrication, and technical support facilities. Reconditioning of debarkers, chippers , carriages, bandmills, edgers, transfer decks, arbours, machining of rails and wheels, and  manufacturing of carriages, edgers, log decks, transfer decks, and other items, are examples of work completed.   


Pacific Sawmill Engineering will work closely with its associates, or with the client’s supplier of choice, to ensure optimum automation, control and electrical systems, whether it be for new equipment or a retrofit of used or existing equipment.


PSEL can offer a range of solutions, which covers not only todays ‘high-tech’ demands but also the smaller mill requirements for good basic production. While the company has principally supplied clients in New Zealand & Australia, it does service clients in other parts of the world.


 The staff of Pacific Sawmill Engineering have many years of experience, and have worked with all leading sawmill brands of equipment, and global suppliers.


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